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1909 Leather Lotion offers the best care for fine leathers

Collonil 1909 Leather Lotion, 100ml


1909 Leather Lotion offers the best care for fine leathers. Contains aloe vera for deep, long lasting conditioning. Softens all quality leather, and revives and brightens colours. Helps smooth and hydrate scuffed corners. Recommended for use on such areas prior to application of Collonil Shoe Cream.

Application instructions:

  • Remove dust and dirt from leather.
  • Apply sparingly and evenly onto surface.
  • Polish with a Collonil Fine Polishing Cloth.
  • Buff with a Collonil Horse Hair Brush, which is essential for grainy and printed leathers.
  • Allow 1 hour to fully absorb into the leather.
  • After conditioning, always protect with your bag with a suitable waterproofing product. Use sparingly.
  • We advise testing on a concealed area first.

Suitable for use with the following leathers:

  • Buffalo
  • Calfskin
  • Caviar
  • Classic Calf
  • Congo
  • Crossboarded Calf
  • Cross Grain
  • Darwin
  • Flat Calf
  • Glossy Goat
  • Glove Leather
  • Goat Printed Calf
  • Grainy Buffalo
  • Grainy Lambskin
  • Lamb
  • Nappa
  • Natural Grain Leather
  • Natural Vegetable Tanned (NVT)
  • NVT Printed (Croc)
  • Ostrich
  • Pebbled
  • Polished Buffalo
  • Polished Calf
  • Polished Embossed Croc
  • Shiny Goat
  • Silky Calf
  • Silky Snake
  • Small Classic Grain
  • Smooth Leather
  • Soft Leather
  • Soft Matte
  • Spongy Pebbled
  • Textured Goat
  • Washed Calf

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