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pedag STOP is a soft leather heel grip which prevents your heel from slipping out of the shoe. pedag STOP also works really well when paired with either pedag LADY and pedag QUEEN.

Over time, shoes usually widen. This can become a serious problem if the heel frequently slips out of the shoe, damaging the delicate skin. pedag STOP avoids this and makes shoes fit like new again! Offered as longer-lasting alternative to pedag GEL ANTISLIP, this self-adhesive heel grip is made of soft leather which gives a strong, yet comfortable grip.

In order to prevent pedag STOP from rolling up when putting on the shoe, please use a shoehorn.

Please note: the adhesive backing of pedag STOP is very strong to ensure proper fitting and to prevent the pad from slipping. Once the adhesive has set, removal of pedag STOP may cause damage to the original insole. We recommend testing the product without removing the protective backing before fitting to your shoe.

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