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The slip protector for leather soles.

Professional dancers sometimes roughen the soles of their shoes before they hit the dancefloor. This is because their shoes usually have leather soles, which can be extremely slippery.

pedag SAFE STEP is there to help you to keep your feet firmly on the ground. This ultra-thin and long-lasting slip protector gives your shoes excellent grip - even on slippery grounds. pedag SAFE STEP is self-adhesive, very easy to use and does not stain. The slip protector is suitable for every shoe as it can be trimmed to fit.

We suggest you to use pedag SAFE STEP with new shoes. If you want to use pedag SAFE STEP with shoes you have already worn, you should roughen the sole with sandpaper and clean as well as possible. When the shoe is completely dry, apply pedag SAFE STEP.

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