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pedag LADY


pedag LADY is an extremely soft and very comfortable forefoot pad, which is perfect for high heels!

Frequent use of high heeled shoes can eventually damage the feet and cause a burning sensation in the balls. When wearing high heels, about 75 per cent of body weight is borne by the ball of the foot or forefoot. A common consequence of this is a lowering of the latitudinal arch - the creation of splayed feet.

The metatarsal pad is made of soft latex, which cushions and supports the foot in an anatomically correct way and helps to prevent the arches from lowering. It also alleviates symptoms if you already suffer from splayfoot. With pedag LADY you will be able to walk without stress and pain, even in the highest of heels!

pedag LADY is made of soft, breathable sheepskin which regulates the temperature inside the shoe. Thanks to the toeless shape, it is also ideal for open shoes.

Please note: the adhesive backing of pedag LADY is very strong to ensure proper fitting and to prevent the pad from slipping. Once the adhesive has set, removal of pedag LADY may cause damage to the original insole. We recommend testing the product without removing the protective backing before fitting to your shoe.

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