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pedag BAMBOO DEO is a super-thin bamboo insole for hot summer days. If you like to go barefoot during a heatwave, this is the product for you!

pedag BAMBOO DEO is silky-soft, breathable and highly absorbent. Its surface is made of antibacterial bamboo fibres that absorb up to 60 percent more foot moisture than conventional cotton fibres. In addition to this, the bamboo fibres dry about 20 percent faster than normal fibres. The bottom of this airy insole is made of super-thin, perforated texon that is flexible and allows the foot to breathe. In addition to this, it is equipped with a special slip-resistant coating.

pedag BAMBOO DEO is washable, and keeps its antibacterial properties even after 100 washing cycles. As this insole is made of the natural and fast-growing resource bamboo, it is the perfect "green" alternative to disposable insoles.

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